For security reason, we require several confirmations before funds credited into your account,

  • Bitcoin                     3 confirmations
  • Ethereum               12 confirmations
  • Litecoin                 15 confirmations
  • Bitcoin Cash         10 confirmations
  • Ripple                   Instant

Please ensure that your fee is sufficient by the network, any coin that is not confirmed by the network within 24 hours will be cancelled and refunded

For minimum amount that you can send to our address :

  • btc min 0.001
  • eth min 0.01
  • ltc min 0.01
  • bch min 0.001
  • ripple min 1

if you are sending amount lower that minimum amount,  our system will not consider it as a transaction 

can i send multiple payments?

you can send multiple payments as long it above minimum threshold value

Snapshot of your USD balance will be taken each time a period ends . If after presale stage your USD balance is below minimum, than your account will be assigned to the next stage .