Veiris API allows enterprise to use our computer vision technology in the background without the need of user knowing the difference / navigating out from enterprise's website

Veiris API consist of 4 services :

- signmeup

- tigereye

- tigereye - face recognition & real-person detection

- VeE

For ID API :

Enterprise can use post method to send an ID image that is supported by Veiris to get result in JSON format

For face recognition & real-person detection : 

Enterprise can post any image , ID and streaming session without the need of parsing the face. Veiris then will auto-detect and locate the face and performing analysis and providing results in JSON format

For VeE :

Enterprise will need VeE token to enter Veiris enterprise ecosystem , which share and populate attestation results between enterprise for unbeatable ID integrity

please refer to for detailed information on how VeE works.